Perfect Love

“They treat me as well as they are able” – a profound statement made in the movie “Cinderella”.  Though the movie is not a Christian film, there are some spiritual lessons to be learned and understood.  Cinderella understood one very important truth, and that is that a man or woman’s love falls really short of Perfect Love. She knew that their love was so limited, so cold, so lost. It amazes me that even as Christian’s we expect us to all be “Perfect Love”, we think everything is about us and therefore we can’t comprehend when things go awry, it’s baffling and disappointing at best.  But in most cases, imperfect love tends to break me down, keep me discontent, wishing things were different and altogether forgetting The One Whose Love is Perfect, Jesus Christ.  When the Truth is, all of our love falls much short of The Perfect Love, in fact most of our imperfect love thrown on others has nothing to do with the receiver, but mostly has everything to do with the ‘giver’.  If looked on with eyes of compassion, we can see hurting people, bitter hearts, angry souls, lost ways, dead in their transgressions; but instead we don’t see with eyes of compassion, we see ourselves as victims, it turns out to be all about us and how dare we be hurt or taken advantage of, unleashed on, abandoned, the list goes on.  Only a wise soul, walking in the ways of The Lord, can one understand That “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear” (1 John 4:18).  Whereas if we relish and delight in The Only One Who is Perfect, with boldness and without fear, we can tend and care for the hearts of those who don’t know that He is Perfect Love, yet.  The imperfect love that surrounds me everyday is The driving force that keeps me clinging to His Perfect Love…Oh His Great Mercy!  I would have no other reason to cling to Jesus if I thought everyone’s love was so perfect.  I thank God for The Lord of Heaven and Earth Who came down to live and demonstrate His Perfect Love.  I am grateful I get to enjoy His Perfectness, Through Faith, His Word and By His Holy Spirit.  Everything about You Lord is Perfect, You are Holy, You are Love, You Jesus, are Amazing Grace.

In Christ’s Holy Name, Amen

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