I was talking with a sister in Christ the other day…and it occurred to me a couple things.
Whenever I read anything of theology or biblical reference, my mind and heart is reading from Whose I am, from Daughter of the King Eternal viewpoint…
It used to not always be this way, somehow God has rewired my natural tendencies to know with great assurance who I am in Christ, this I did not know at all prior to April 2009. But since then, His grace has poured out on to me and I have received it in full and continue to every hour of every day. I have come to know God is my Provider, my Refuge, El Roi, The Omnipresent, Omnipotent Father taking care of my every need in the way He deems necessary. This is the great gift of Faith. To believe that Truth and trust Him without a doubt is surely one of the greatest gifts that keeps me passionate towards Him alone.
All that to say, my devotions in puritan writings keep me grounded in steadfast love towards the hard to love, they help me see the plank in my own eye so that I am able to confess and rejoice with Thanksgiving. They bring me to my knees in humility and this is the grace among Grace’s. Christian, do not shy away from Truth, know Whose you are and read from a posture of humility, a thankful heart, and a position of trust in God, The One True God, The Almighty Creator.

Praise The Lord!!

This is why the grace of God is so provenient!!!
God awakens His children to His mercy and Amazing Grace. You, me are by nature liars, deceivers, hiders and our actions are against God, until the provenient grace of God awakens you to your wretchedness and guilt turns your face to a Holy God for confession and forgiveness through the blood of The Savior Jesus Christ!
And you will say, Lord have mercy on me a sinner and He will and you will be changed. There is no greater Love!    How to know you are born again?

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