Chosen Daughter

Jesus Christ, my Savior and Father has given me the Crown of Eternal Life and a love for Him that is supernatural, a deep desire to know Him, to walk with Him, to understand my need for Him, the assurance of His faithfulness through His Great Love.  I am saturated with the Love of Christ.  He is mine and I am His Chosen, Righteous, and Blameless.  If you have never known this Love of mine, I encourage you to immerse yourself in here with me and He will provide His Love and wisdom to those who ask Him.  He jealously awaits You to ask Him in.


jeweled crown


Love in Jesus’ Name,


O’ the sight of You Lord!  I can’t wait to marvel in the sight of You Lord. Father, I praise You in The Spirit – It is by Your great Love I come to You. I lay at your feet and I rest. You instill bountiful, glorious, faith in Your Beloved.