A little girl. A rare form of beautiful, you could not describe.  Her old and wise soul charms everyone in her presence. The Lord gave her such strong presence and an outward exuberance that carries her far beyond her years. She always has a goal and always goes for it. She has a passion for life and the people she loves. Her loyalty, determination and self -confidence attracts many. Her God given strength is empowering, yet I am humbled by her grace, charm and her royal like behaviors and expressions. God’s gift to me also came with golden, wavy blond hair, big blue eyes, perfect lips and a gorgeous smile that tells a story each time. One look and your heart melts and she realizes her power. her face resembles a Raquel Welch, Grace Kelly, or Bette Davis. God’s piece of perfection that He created for me is exceptional. Thank You God for bringing her to me…. i am forever grateful.

Olivia, your delight for things of old, old days, pioneer ways sets the tone for who you have been created to be, yourself.  I love that you are different, I love that your convictions are in Christ. Be merciful to those who are of weaker faith, with weaker convictions… understand that God’s grace is beholding you.  I love your love for others, a passion to draw them closer to Jesus by your writings, your portraits, your voice, your musical gifts. Remember that in your work, the results are God’s.  You cannot make someone be anyone other than who they are, but by God’s Grace you can love them with His Perfect Love.  There is no greater position than surrender, humility and prayer …it is the sweetest frame to which God does the most with.  I love you but God loves you perfectly, and He has brought and will always bring you to where you are in His appointed time.


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