Holy Spirit Discernment

Last night Grant came to me before we went to bed to tell me a story of someone he happened to see at the beach the other day.  “Mom, when we went to the beach, there was a lady dressed in a very inappropriate bathing suit; I am surprised you didn’t notice!”  Oh really, hmmm sometimes the Lord protects my eyes from those types of things, and I know He has protected you from things before as well. “Well, I think the Lord allowed me to see this so I would know discernment; and the man she was walking with didn’t even care that she was dressed that way.”  I said, I understand, just so you know that lady and man had no idea they were dressed that way because they don’t have the Holy Spirit… but I am thankful that you did see, so you would know what you do find attractive and what you don’t find appropriate.  Honey I used to dress that way too, so I understand that they had no idea that she was affecting you and certainly probably found nothing wrong with her attire.  “No mom, you never dressed this way.”  Okay sweetie.  I am so glad that you know what purity looks like and that you find that pleasing, because that is what God finds pleasing.

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