Who is Love


Whether you have been a christian for 30 years or 1 year this is probably the most life altering Truth in Gods Word- The Bible. As man was created by God,
We all desire this more than anything and we seek hi and low to find only to find out it never lasts, atleast not how we expected. Because of our sinful flesh we run from the very Love that is Love. The altering change comes from Gods view that even the most “seemingly mature” Christians never submit to.

When we know Who Love is and receive Love then nothing else consumes us. We understand that it is Love that keeps us here, He holds us and is our ultimate caretaker. Jesus confronts each of us as He confronted John the baptist. We cannot know the depth of Jesus love unless we are will to face the fact that He knows us completely. Otherwise we are fooled into believing he must love the people we pretend to be, not the sinners we actually are. John and all the disciples convince us that God is able and willing to accept us as we are. Being aware of Gods love is a great motivator for change. His love is not given in exchange for our efforts; Because of Grace, His love frees us to really live. And He uses our circumstances to refine us…not them.

Psalm 23

I’ve been pondering this beauty and hit me I’ve ever painted a portrait and when you set it out for others to see someone else got the credit good morning I looked at the morning sky where the sun was so bright I have been able to honor the Creator his glory was shown to me as it is every day the sun is not divine its creator is the sun does not rise itself the Lord commands it all who see it don’t understand it oh it’s glorious name even when we don’t praise him day after day it still rises even though our nature is 2 run and Hyde from him his Mercy is always upon us even though in our sin we forget to thank him for his forgiveness through the blood of his son he made away anyway we can’t ever earn God’s love he gives it freely and even though our sin has been paid No One Believes it and everyone rejects him by the grace of God we can be born again and overcome the power of sin because holy is his name and Jesus is worth it

1 john 4 19
John 3 16
John 10 10
Romans 3 23
Romans 6 23
Romans 5 8

Philippians 2 3.

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