Parenting with the grace of God

Love love love!
“Writing this makes me weak in my knees, because i know this is counterintuitive to me and to you. As parents we lose our way and we want our own way; we forget God’s plan and follow our own plan. If we are ever to represent the great Father well, we need to be fathered by Him as well. If we are going to give grace to our children, we need to confess that we are but children in daily need of the Father’s care. If we are going to be patient, we need to confess our need for patience. If we are going to be forgiving, we need to admit our need for forgiveness. If we are going to persevere, we need to humbly admit that our only hope is that our heavenly Father will never give up on us. And if we are going to teach our children to run to Jesus daily, we must run to Jesus daily as well. If we want our children to be sad in the face of the sin of their hearts and hands, we must mourn our sin as parents as well. You see, it is only as we are willing to confess that we are more like than unlike our children, that we ourselves need parenting everyday, that we will be parents in need of a father’s grace who will again and again lead our children to the grace of The Father.”  Paul David Tripp

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