blind faith vs Living Saving Faith

Everybody has blind faith you know the kind where you ride on the coattails of something or someone that has been said, not giving it a second thought or real interest… like when you sit in a chair blindly hoping it wont collapse or when you get in a car or plane blindly hoping that that you will get from point a to point b without worry or seeking how it actually will happen or work. Or when you are a child riding blindly on the coattails of your parents faith in God not seeking just riding… Blind faith is a very dangerous place to be; its not until The Spirit draws you to Himself can you have the ability to know saving Faith. Then the most amazing miracle happens, you start seeking, you start delighting, you start seeing God in every beautiful essence and trial of life. This is God’s way of reminding you of your salvation in which no one, nothing can take you from! It is at that moment when you know God will never leave you nor forsake you and this my friends is an absolute miracle of God’s unmerited mercy on your life. Dwell in Him and have compassion on those that don’t have it –

Everything i need to know comes from the Bible and /or by The Holy Spirit… by His power, by His wisdom He draws me and He teaches me.

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