My son turning 13

Matthew 5:3, 5, 9. Oh how I adore my son.
A beautiful faith has happened to my son this past year- the sickness of the world happened upon my son through a onslaught battle with severe eczema, no sleeping, no eating, no physical comfort, harsh, crazy embedded struggle. Not only having to watch him endure, but how God is he supposed to live this out in faith. Crying, praying, weeping, worrying, holding on, no end in sight – still no end with his skin – it has a mind of it’s own. But the truth we keep in sight is The Power of The Resurrected King – The power that is greater than He Who is in me than he that is in the world. The resurrected power has taken over my son, why? Because God has claimed Him, He poured out His Spirit on Him, He pursued him with His Own Glory in mind. This boy, young man, now 13 knows that Christ came for Him, He came to Save him, He knit him together so perfectly that the sin can’t hold him down because of Christ’s humiliation. The Lord brought me to a study on 2 Corinthians 12:5-10 so we did it together. A Humbling moment as his mom, tears streaming down my face when The Lord asked me to take responsibility – I apologized for years of sin in the depths of my stone heart when I did not seek God, I turned my back on The One True God my mom had told me about, He was so casual in my thoughts, when I ran from the very One Who came to Save me – I apologized for the world’s sin, the bondage everyone is in because of sins death. In his short 13 years, This precious boy has taught me perseverance, endurance, patience, longsuffering, tolerance, faithfulness, steadfastness. I cant even begin to claim any of it, but only by the present grace of God. I am a blessed woman, grateful God chose Grant to be my firstborn, the one who first called me mommy.

Do you know that until you accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Lord and Savior, you are a walking dead man, waiting to suffer eternal living hell, not only that, but all that seeking after frivolous worldly things will never satisfy you, though we keep searching, endlessly. The only thing stopping you is you. Why? Because you are your own god, I need no authority, I am my own person. How do I know? Because look at your kids, they don’t want your authority either, they fight it every day. Why? Because of their sin condition and the only way out of that is a Heart change and no one can change the heart, except the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not wait, your kids desperately need to know the Grace, mercy, and love of their Creator – we have all been created – we have an Authority and His name is God, Holy, Almighty, The Christ The Resurrected King Jesus. The glory of God is magnificent, He is Righteous, perfect in every way, faithful and true. Go to His Word, Bow your head, ask Him to reveal Himself to you and He will show you Who He is, Holy, Loving, Righteous, Just, Faithful. And when He does, when He really shows you Who He is, and who you are not, you will lay prostrate on the ground in tears, humbled and broken – desperately thanking Him for Saving your life for all eternity. Only then is the heart changed.

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