In Christ there is nothing greater than fixing our eyes on Him…. fixing our eyes on our home…not here but eternal home. So often as we are consumed of the things of earth our vision of You becomes clouded and hazy. But when we passionately live for You our haziness becomes hazy for this world. And the clear reality of our Truth becomes more and more evident and abundant. Things start to seem small here and insignificant in Your grand plan. Of course there will always be doubters even Christians who think it’s just a naive way of living…but I am a witness to just the opposite. God so graciously bestows His glory and miracle of life, that it becomes all that I see. Freedom in Christ is exactly what that is. His life being lived out through me. It is no longer I who live but Him in me. “Mercy bend and bring me back to life, but not before You show me how to die.” Audrey assad in “show me” When we die to self and only when, we can live for Christ! He is bountiful and pure and holy. In Humility I rest in You. When I am weak, Lord, You are strong. May people see You when they meet me. Amen!

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