Spiritual Organization

The Holy Spirit often reveals many things to me even before I have seen or read in God’s Word.  Years of changing, growing, transforming right before my eyes – it’s hard to believe the relentless pursuit my Savior had when He gave me spiritual eyes to see His Magnificent Holiness in April 2009.  “For my Glory” He says, “daughter, when you walk by faith and obedience to Me, My glory will be revealed and it has everything to do with My Son – because of My Son I will reveal everything to you through Him.  I have lavished grace on you and this is a gift so that when people see this Grace, you will boast in Me”  Lord, These things have been pierced on my hands, my feet, my side – I receive the fullness of Jesus with humility and joy.  Over the years, it became clearly evident by The Holy Spirit that Jesus is not just with me on Sundays or at women retreats or in bible studies, or when I was with other believers.  And unbelievably hard was that I had a business, that I couldn’t stand – it was a battle because Jesus wasn’t there, and without Christ the work was futile, dead, and purposeless.  “Why do you think I gave you this business, why do you think I revealed myself to you in a profound way? He says, so that you would bring Me there.”  These words I cannot defy, I cannot pretend, so I prayed – Holy Spirit, tell me, reveal to me something and how – I could not imagine where we would be today, 6 years ago – and I know it’s only been baby steps.  Compartmentalization happens in the majority of believers, christian families – it’s sacrilege, it’s religion, it’s devastating, it’s death – it’s like we have left Him on the cross – when in fact, He has risen!  We are doing the “good work” but something is missing.

Today, after 8 years of reading God’s Word – The Lord opened my eyes to 1 Verse that articulates The Holy Spirit’s leading all those years.  “And the twelve summoned the congregation of the disciples and said, “It is not desirable for us to neglect the Word of God in order to serve tables…But we will devote ourselves to prayer, and to the ministry of The Word.”  Acts 6:2  The Word being spread, devotion to prayer was missing but through God’s grace He revealed it to me – He made me see that this company was His and He wanted me to do it His way.  John MacArthur puts it this way “Many in the ministry today have left the emphasis on prayer and the Word of God. They are so involved in the administrative details of their “church” that they have little time left for intercession and study.  By neglecting that calling, we doom the body of Christ to languish in spiritual infancy.  Programs are no substitute for the power of God and His Word.  Those whom God has called to the ministry of prayer and the Word must make it their priority.”  It is the most important ‘work’ of Christ and I cannot devastate The Spirit through the neglecting of it.  Praise You Father for revealing this to me many years ago not even understanding how You would indeed organize Your business this way.  I’m humbled by Your protection, by Your provisions, by Your organization.

Alive in Christ –



One thought on “Spiritual Organization

  1. Working in the church for many years, there were many seasons where I was so busy “Serving” that I neglected prayer and study. It happens slowly – invisibly – where you miss devotions one day, then another, then one day you realize that it has been days since you have opened the Word. You feel harried and dry. Nothing left to give. Then exhaustion sets in because you are doing His work on your own power – you are no longer abiding, drawing for His strength. This is a good reminder. Thank you Rachel.


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