Honesty vs. Hiding

During my beginning time with The Lord (10 years ago) when He revealed to me all things New, changed my heart of stone to a heart of flesh, when He removed the veil and affected me with all my guilt and shame, so that I would see and humble myself and turn to Him- All God’s Grace!! The thing God revealed to me about myself, incessant brilliant hider and liar …though for years people would rave about my goodness! You were deceived.
By the grace of God, I’m on to you (elephant is coming out of the room)….it is the thing I see in you and others that is repulsive and I cant stand to be around your wiles of the devil! It’s like when one quits smoking cigarettes, they cant stand the smoke worse than one who had never smoked.
I ask God for forgiveness for you, because the deceit I see you causing for your loved ones and all around you is despicable and cowardly. Fast track to eternal hell. Confess and come clean, you have a problem and I pray to God for His mercy that He would give you eyes to see! A righteous anger beholds my heart because over and over I hear, he’s a good quiet kid, man, woman, whatever! It’s a bunch of lies and deceit, and the lure to trap others is worse than those who are passionate and forth coming with the good the bad and the ugly.

Honesty is the best policy… if we know that why do we naturally hide? 3 reasons I have come to know by The Grace of God. Silence is not always golden.
You will Hide….
1. cause you are guilty as hell (own up to it and confess, Lord have mercy on me a sinner)
2. you don’t know you have a Savior (He was crucified for your guilt and shame and sin)
3. you don’t have the fear of God (His wrath will throw you in hell and because He has provided a way out of hell by His Merciful Love through Jesus Christ, still you don’t care, so The God of Justice will do what He says – a sinner cannot be in the presence of a Holy God)

to be honest requires…
1. conviction
2. an awakened conscience
3. balls
4. confession and repentance

All of which are given by God Almighty through His Amazing Grace! yes, even Balls! He is our refuge and our strength and because of that a Christian is able to bring every single disgusting sin into The Light because In God there is NO darkness.wages

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