For when we are weak, He Is Strong

When I was little I grew up thinking my mom was strong, when I was a teen she wrote me a letter saying she wasn’t strong but that I was…. the reality is no one is strong, but because we can’t share our hearts we pull up our big girl panties and live a falsehood. I’m taking them off now and confessing that we as women are not strong (by God’s grace), our men need to know we are human, we hurt, we are weak and to treat us with compassion and care as The Lord does. Until this happens, everything is twisted up, backwards, and broken. I’m saying live in God’s Grace, give all your heart strings to Christ, ask your husband to forgive you daily because he probably is not taking all your sinful annoyances to The Lord therefore it is casting a huge darkness over his heart of deception and lies. Every day I plead with God to live in purity, to take all my bitterness, resentment and disappointments so that I can Live in freedom and Love my husband well. If your spouse doesn’t do that in return, then open the door for him. share how people make you feel and ask for forgiveness because you had to go to God with it anyway. In doing so, you are planting seeds of grace, being real, revealing your true self by the grace of God to the one God gave you to do that with, your spouse.

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