God is on The Move … always and again. The Lord’s Sovereignty and Provision

I have a story, it’s a sweet, a seemingly simple one but one that begs to be testified!
Do you ever think first in difficult, chaotic, or uncertain situations, “there is God’s provision for me, His Sovereignty knows and directs every moment, including this one to His glory.” This is Not our normal way of thinking, in fact it seems quite comical to think this way at all, because this transformational thinking… it is caused by Divine intervention, A Miracle by God for God.
My job is to gather the team to serve communion for the first Sunday of every month. This particular Sunday May 5th, we had lots of leaders out for various reasons, so it was me and Tom. I asked Tom, who should we get to join us to serve communion… my son Dillon can. Okay perfect, who else? “How about that guy?” He says pointing to my husband. Bingo, I thought at least it wasn’t my decision, so I said “Gary, Tom asked if you could serve communion?” With a bit of fear and hesitation in his voice and eyes (the man hates surprises), he actually agreed. So indeed he helped well! Then Pastor Jim always asks one of us to pray before the taking of the bread and again before we take the cup. So the final prayer was over the cup, Pastor says, “Gary would you pray for us.” The Lord rose up in Gary and prayed on his behalf, I just knew it. The words were not his normal words. There I stood tears welling and flowed from my eyes as I am counting this blessing as an epic miracle. Because my husband does not like getting thrown under the bus, which I can be very good at doing that to him in a very unassuming, pure hearted kind of way. 😉 And God knew all of this before the foundation of the world. This man doesn’t just do anything, he is very particular and organized. So I knew The gift of God’s Holy Spirit Rose up in him and I prayed for His Help. It reminded me just how much God Deeply Loves this man! I knew the heart of Christ inside the man! I have come to know this Unrelenting Love and I see it so clearly, but this Profound Love is not fully understood by him quite yet. After he prayed our church sang a joyous song to The Lord, “Thank You Lord for saving my soul, Thank You Lord for making me whole…” tears of Great Joy streamed down my face based on the providence of all that from God. What I know is that God organizes everything, though we may think it’s “throwing us under the bus”, the divine Truth is that it is organized and ordered by The Lord and His Providential Blessings! In fact, one of our church leaders came up to me after service to apologize for not responding to the email to serve communion. I was like, Oh that was God, no problem, God knew, He had His people lined up for something greater than I could have imagined. Gary and I drove home, I didn’t bring it up after church, I let it ride. But it blessed my soul all day! Then this morning during our intimate breakfast I told him “I cried when you prayed yesterday in front of the church”. He said, “I don’t even remember or know what I said, so I hope it was good.” I smiled and said, yeah I know about that, it’s The Holy Spirit in you, therefore it was better than good, It was a Miracle by The Grace of God in Jesus’ Name.

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