Forgiveness In Jesus Name… “It is for freedom I have set you free”

I woke up and The Lord allowed me to articulate just a blip…Why I am grateful for Father’s Day!

We cannot know what harbors in a man’s heart, I don’t even know what harbors in my own, I need Jesus Christ to bring it to light otherwise it’s like it’s not really there, but it is, it’s there in the depths of our sinful flesh, waiting to pounce, hidden, under layers of callousness- that’s why this work is the most important work for the light and life of man In Jesus Name.

Discipline – this life of discipline I had no idea the refining work about to take place since 2017. I am by nature a learner, teaching does not come naturally to me, so by His Spirit and My Father’s close embrace, I was taught 1 Timothy 4:16 “Pay close attention to your life and to your teaching, persevere in these things, for by so doing you will save both yourself and those who hear you.”  Today, I learn, I learn, I learn and He has said, to share everything He has revealed to me, regardless of the response, the face, the reaction… GO. So I went, with Gumption from My Lord and Savior Alone, mind blown at what The Lord did and continues to do here.

It is something deep, something hard to articulate… but here is the work. “Where sin abounds, grace abounds much more.” Romans 5:20

One of the most profound things God has ever made me say to my husband was…. “you need to forgive your wife” a humbling statement that I would never have said but through Christ… but as I pleaded and begged until He blessed me, I needed to know what is this hindrance, why this bondage ‘over there’ and then He blessed me by saying “tell Gary he needs to forgive you”

O the work that You Lord worked out in me, freedom in Christ, to understand your forgiveness of me and then You cleansed me of all bitterness and resentment toward my husband so I would be able to forgive him daily for sins committed against me. I had to surrender them all TO you and crucify them to the cross, I needed Your help In a mighty way! You allowed me to reject his old nature and believe in his new nature long before he was living that out. Through many tears, This was The Joy of The Lord, Completely! And You, Savior were my HELP…. and as the sins of my bitterness, anger and resentment were crucified to the cross daily and tossed away into the depths of the ocean, then You revealed to me if I had all that consuming me, buried, hiding in me,..just think about the depths of anger and sin buried in my husband towards me…. and then You Lord did it, You said “tell him he needs To forgive you” at first it seemed so annoying, like I’ve been humble, I’ve asked for forgiveness over things I had no intention of what did I do wrong but then You remind me “no one is righteous not one and your husband needs permission and freedom to forgive you, and he needs to know that you are In need of forgiveness just like him.” You Father revealed, “As much as you sweet daughter have received grace, I am going to now show you how to tangibly give it back out.” A lesson from You Lord that required my active Trust and fervent Faith in You, my refuge, my strength, my help in times of need. I watched the gospel unfold, and My Potter molded me for His Glory and to be the vessel for this purpose of freedom In Christ.

This is the fruit of The Spirit: The way I am able to discern whether something is from the Lord or from satan is a couple questions God moves me to ask myself…. is what I’m about to say humbling? Is what I’m about to say reconciling? Is what I’m about to say healing?
This is the ministry of reconciliation. 2 Corinthians 5:11-21

These are mighty works of Jesus Christ, to be able to move in The Power and Boldness of The Holy Spirit is nothing short of God’s Miracle moving in and through us.

Realizing everyone who comes to Christ comes to Him by His Grace and mercy, sitting in a prison. And then to understand that Christ gave me the key to unlock other prisons is the power of the gospel in us! Good gracious Alive!! Blessed be His Name!

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