A Glimpse of Extra

Until we are in Heaven…. we get glimpses.

My daughter says, mom you’re Extra…
Well I guess what she says I’m extra about will determine whether I like that word or not. Because I’m thinking there is a lot of extra going on around my home. What extra are they seeing? I’m thinking what about Gary? Now he is extra!! Turns out that’s not what my daughter wanted to talk about. I’m grateful my daughter can come to me, and we talk in depth about these things according to God’s Word – not only is she my daughter, she is my sister in Christ and she trusts me. We can have this humble exchange and in the end we are grateful to God for His Salvation and His Amazing Grace.

so about the Extra…
I rule out a few extra things off the bat…it’s not my messy bun or my dress, my unmanicured nails, it’s not my non intense grade thumping homeschooling, it’s not my man made rules and regulations, it’s not my eating habits, nor my consuming exercise routines. We laugh, no
it’s love Mom, your love of Jesus you are Extra and she says when it gets crazy, you tend to pop in something about God that causes some of us to get uncomfortable. Oh man, I know, I bridle my tongue and then I often don’t but I know I need Him desperately sweetie, don’t you see? I assume it’s my consumption of Him, do you see my dependence, I am discontent with anything less than Extra, I am aggravated greatly when sin (mine or others) and criticism overrides grace. Knowing my independent self (not really wanting to get that aggravated), this drives me even bonkers and of course those around me. I get it! Not exactly sure how God brought my stubborn self here, but He’s not done, that’s all I know. Honey, I’m not Extra, He’s EXTRA. That’s an awesome yet scary thought, You Lord are not done! I can’t bury Your grace Lord!!! I must pray continually because I don’t want my people to stumble when you are teaching me Love, salt and light, the whole 9. I need grace from my people!
I can’t fathom all of His dealings, but I want all the EXTRA I can get and it is available to me! The thirst and hunger is undeniable and this faucet wasn’t turned on by me. The Holy Spirit of God indwells me and somehow I move.

I’m Free, but that doesn’t mean my circumstances allow me to be free as I would have it and that’s okay. Because I want to see The Lord, I ask Him to do the work and that He will Awaken. He has disciplined me to be watchful and full of care, I have a fear of flesh (I hate it), mine and others, but it is my constant reminder I need The Lord Jesus. I am discontent with the way things are as far as consuming self motivations are concerned, so I ask The Lord to change me, and other things and He has. I grab His gift of repentance and I am free to turn! I wait on Him because I will see Him and not me. This is the work of asking and denying self and raising up In His Power that is required and if you claim to know Jesus and are not doing this work, then ask God to Indwell you with His Spirit, He will guide you, God works through the prideful but He works inside the humble. And only until He has taken up residence in your temple are you sealed for the Day of redemption.

I never looked up the definition of extra until writing this blog but wow, it seems awesomely fitting according to God’s plan that was delivered a few weeks ago below. God-incidence.

According to the Webster 1828 dictionary:
EXTRA, A Latin preposition, denoting beyond or excess; as extra-work, extra-pay, work or pay beyond what is usual or agreed on.

I’m free to ask for Extra, so recently The Holy Spirit revealed to me I can show some similance of this kind of extra at GMS. The Authority He gives is tremendous. So 2 days a week we started to have this blessed extra 30 min of time given to every employee. Some of us use that time to gather together for prayer and Bible study, we are praying more will come join this Extra.
And again, this was not handed over lightly, I had to wait for others to come on board with this divine asking of extra. Watching God perform miracles to overcome man’s natural fear of stepping out in faith, fear of loss of productivity, but proclaiming wouldn’t we rather be willing to wait to watch the Lord increase not only productivity but to build morale and receive His Blessings in whichever way He decides to give by walking in faith, trusting Him?
We have begun this glimpse of extra but
this still needs to be covered in prayer, cause although the enemy makes me laugh and scream; real fear of losing control gets stirred up every day in His people who can’t see or forget to remember God’s faithfulness or His provisions.
Thank you God for making a Way, You are The God of all my days. No matter what, I am Okay!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

“The Knowledge of The Holy” Resting in The Truth where expectations should lay. I’m grateful for God’s gift to be able to change…it is a “golden treasure and a gift from God and calls for constant Thanksgiving”

His Crowned Jewel,


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