Thinking on the Floodgates of God’s Grace this morning.

The gift of Samaritans Purse being willing and able to go volunteer into central park and set up a hospital to care for people who need healing and The Cure from CovId-19 and any other ailment for that matter. The Mayor of the city coming in to try to tell them how or when they can use this gift that they have been given?

Jesus Says, “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Don’t let your heart be troubled or fearful.† John 14:27
I am grateful for The Truth of God’s Word
It is an awful thing to try to put a leash on the Grace of Almighty God.

It reminds me of Pharaoh putting the leash on the Israelite’s, keeping them as slaves. This was a sin against Almighty God, He knew that He needed to set them free so He chose His Servant Moses to do this daunting task for the sake of God’s People. Isn’t it amazing how the Israelite’s didn’t appreciate God’s One Way out. Their constant grumbling and complaining as slaves to Pharaoh continued even when God sent Moses to Rescue. Why are we so blinded and irritated by God’s rescue? Because until The Supernatural Divine Grace of God is understood, we will always buck up and fight against The Way of The Lord. Until then, we can’t see Who Is Rescuing, nevertheless, Who Is The Rescuer.

My beautiful situation last night, I think it necessary to share a blip of God’s Amazing Grace through my family that is becoming new in our household from My Good Good Father.
You know one of my favorite things to do is meet with people, pray and talk about The Lord.
Thank you for The Joy that is extended to me when I have these opportunities given to me by God’s Amazing Grace.
I am also so grateful that you see what a blessing it is to me and that you can thank God for it.
Also that you know how grateful I am to receive a kind and gentle boundary because my desire is to be Intentional and Love well, not frivolous chatter.

Thank you for extending God’s Grace to me as Jesus does.
Because you extend Grace, I am free…this is a Beautiful Gift.

In His Grace,


Open The Floodgates Lord, Pour Your Holy Spirit onto Your People, Set The Captives Free.

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