Poop Redemption

Say what? This is a story of Redeeming Poop (literally and spiritually). I pray you can relate in your own life with God. We aren’t really good at receiving anything. We worry about the ramifications, the exposure, the feelings, the uncertainty, possible humiliation it causes because we don’t know the future. I pray this testimony will set some captives free.

God Is for You.

Truth be told, I couldn’t even enjoy my view, my extravagant cars, really (no one feels sorry for me I’m sure, but this is my humiliating story -one of many). It took about 6 mos of moving here (2018) in this bay view home for me to finally ask God, what is my problem? He revealed Two lies I believed: #1. I felt unworthy to receive all this stuff, when I knew in my heart I had everything I needed in Christ. And #2. I couldn’t rectify or reconcile my husband giving me everything I could dream of, except kindness, grace and compassion. If he couldn’t give me those ‘fruits of The Spirit’ things, I wanted nothing at all. I didn’t want all this stuff coming back to haunt me later. Until God graciously in return revealed to me The Truth, “I Am The True Giver of every Good and Perfect gift and if I didn’t want you, Rachel, to have these things, you wouldn’t have them.” So in that moment of His Truth, He set me Free. I received bountifully every single gift from that day forward with flying colors, over and abundant beyond reason! And my marriage, well that changed more too, for me anyway. I knew emphatically that God Truly is in charge of all these things, people, etc, etc etc. And Gary was not. It’s quite difficult not to keep putting my husband on a pedestal (above God) because he can ‘make’ things happen faster than any man I’ve ever heard of and because of that I reap so many rewards and sorrows, 100 fold. But each day, multiple times a day, God reminds me “Rachel, I’m In Control, Trust Me, I Am your Shepherd. Receive, Receive Rachel, Jesus has Redeemed it all!”

Let me tell you a story of redeeming poop 💩
“For who can eat or enjoy anything apart from Him.” King Solomon

A few years ago I was living like usual and I decided to walk out back and enjoy the gift of picking up poop. I know, strange. But only by God’s grace am I strange. It’s not that hard to imagine, I have a beautiful yard, with a spectacular view and I enjoy the gift of picking up poop in it. It turned into a weird event only because my husband hated that I was picking up poop (I guess he had no idea I really enjoyed it, I mean who does?)
So Instead of leaving me be in my Christ centered world, he hollars out for Olivia to get outside and do it. He was angered and adamant, that I should not be picking up poop. Olivia was less than thrilled and noticed that I was in an enjoyment state. So, in complete honest transparency I said, it’s okay I enjoy it. I was wondering how this simple thing turned into a big ordeal of Who should be picking up the poop. But with sinners at the helm, this is all the rage. If anything was to be said, it seemed obvious that a simple “Thank you” would do.

“We can enjoy our good homes and families, the pleasure of our recreation, the chilled swim, and the grilled steak. We can feel good in connecting with our work. These things will never give us the one great pleasure that lies at the center of life, but they will compliment it. They will cluster around the great shining star of godly contentment like lesser lights that point to the greatness of what is at the center. We can smile as we watch Solomon dismantle the idea that God is in His heaven peering through the clouds to catch people having fun, so that He might put a stop to it. The God of Ecclesiastes is nothing like that; He is The Joy Giver, the dispenser of pleasure pursuits. Christ, The Bread of Life, leaves a little trail of good things like bread crumbs in the forest, leading straight to that joy that is heaven on earth: Intimate Fellowship with Him. Only in the aftertaste of that fellowship do these lesser tastes become truly pleasurable to us.” Excerpt from “31 Days to Happiness”

As I’m meditating on the Truth of God’s Word in Ecclesiastes, I realize that even poop has been redeemed, for me anyways because Christ is My Redeemer, My Rock, My Provider. It’s all His. So why not enjoy it all and praise God for the Grateful heart that Jesus gives us In all things. Next time we see someone living and serving, let them be (or join them by the grace of God) and say thank you. Be Free.

Galatians 5:1 “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

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