3am Writings

With my heart and mind in constant anticipation of My Savior, Father and King, He wakes me up at 3am many nights but with a poem this time. My Gram had gone to be with Jesus just 3 days earlier. So many of my friends have lost loved ones this year, death is real. But Life is A Person. And In this Person I have Life and I hold tightly to this Living Hope because He is the death destroyer. I have nothing to fear here at all, ever because all I have is Jesus and He Is Life and I thirst more and more every day for All of Him, through The Power of his Holy Spirit and none of me.

This poem, what I thought was going to be a tribute to my Gram turns out it is a tribute to The One Who came to Save her and me. I Praise God for Him, for The Day ahead that His children eagerly await in expectation for and the reason I celebrate Christmas. The 2nd Advent Will Come. Jesus Assures and Promises us with His very Word. It would take a fool to disbelieve God Who Spoke the world into existence. When He speaks, His children hear His Voice and Believe by Grace through Faith. I Love You Lord.

I pray for those who have lost a loved one that Jesus (The Name above Every Name) is of exceedingly great comfort to you, a reminder from God Himself, that we are on the way to the place that God has prepared for us, for all who repent and believe that Jesus is The Lord and Savior. I Am The Way and The Truth and The Life no one comes to The Father except through Me. No Other Way.

The Bible says in John 3:16-17 For God so Loved the world that He Gave His One and only Son that whoever believes In Him will not perish but have everlasting Life. For He did not send His son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through Him. (Without Believing by Grace through Faith that Jesus is Your Lord and Savior, you are already condemned). Romans 5:8 But He demonstrated His Love for you in this, that while you were still a sinner Christ died for you. Undeservimg Mercy. Amazing Grace.

Poem: In honor of my Gram 9/23/34 – 11/10/22 and

My Jesus, The Everlasting King of kings and Lord of lords. The Beginning and The End

“You’re With Jesus”

You’re with Jesus
Can you tell me what that’s Like
Can you tell me about Him
Does he forever hold you tight
Are His arms big and strong
Like He has said all along
You’re with Jesus

You’re with Jesus
Tell me more
Did He show you around
Did he make a sound
Saying here’s The Way
You will join Me today?

Faithful and True, what did you say
When you saw my Gram coming Your Way?
My eyes fill up with tears of Joy
There must be tears from You too
Cause she’s finally there with You
She’s with You Jesus

You’re with Jesus
His from the start
You’ll never depart
You’re with Jesus

Can you ask Him when I’ll come
My heart yearns to say
Here I am Abba Father
I so enjoyed You on the earth
You were my rock and my worth

You’re with Jesus
And I’m jealous so.
I’m missing you here
But I know you were ready to go
For that I Rejoice
Because The Savior says
You were lost but now you are found
You’re with Jesus. Love Abounds.

Do you want to be with Jesus?
Let me share with you why

The King came to earth as a baby
Not like a king, to demonstrate humility

To Live The Life we could never live
We aren’t The Perfect One like He Is

He died the death I should have died
The beating of the wrath of God against every side

God turned away from His Son for me and for you
So we may believe that He is Faithful and True

He created us to be in a relationship with Him
But we would rather enjoy the ways of our sin

He Is The Way out, The Way of Salvation
God is clear if you confess your sin and believe In Him

He makes you a new creation,
He knew before the Foundation.

You have been chosen, never apart
From The Lover of your soul, adopted, that you are.

Amen Lord, but I’m so undeserving.
He says Amen, that’s Who I Am.

Believe His Word and Live I tell you now.
You were lost, but now you are found.
You’re with Jesus. Love Abounds.

In Christ Alone,


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