To The Heart of The Matter

Our revealing countenance. I was 36 years old when I first heard this word – and it was directed at me from a sister friend in Christ. “Something is going on with you today – is everything okay?” She asks. I’m okay why do you ask? “Well your countenance is a little off.” was her reply. It caught me off guard – I thought to myself “countenance – hmmm that’s a cool word can’t wait to look that up later. By her direct approach, I was able to determine the general meaning of the word. But what jolted me was that my heart was showing on my face and for 36 years I thought I hid it extremely well. Humility started to breed! Since that day, countenance is a huge deal to me – It is an indicator on how to discern my responsibility, my responses to the people closest to me.

It’s still a work in progress but one thing The Lord has revealed to me is that a person’s countenance matters and it’s important to God. Well, tonight I was on a video chat with my mom, my sister and the kids. We were playing the question game and my mom asked “What is your favorite thing about your mom?” Grant said “that she’s always joyful!” Olivia said “that she always cares about my countenance.” Wow, I thought that’s powerful to her. That she appreciates that when her face is showing her heart I take notice and I care about the heart of the matter.

So thankful to Christ for a pure heart overflowing with His loving-kindness, compassion, and a longing to care about the hearts of my family.



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