Oh how i delight in Gods Word, He soothes my soul and i love reading His Promises and Truths but not before i obediently push myself to open His Word, to sit in discipline before The Father Who holds my life in His hand. If I wait for the feeling to come over me, my desires will surely take precedence over my Master Who sacrificed Himself on the cross for me and rose from the grave so I could even read at all. This my friends is called obedience, to do something against our very nature when there is no feeling attached, just disciplined obedience which is a daily dying to self. No one does this…there is no one who seeks God because it is against our very nature to choose a perfect holy God to be in charge holding us accountable to our wretched ways. Instead we enjoy our sin, it is our master and so it leads to death, eternal hell because we don’t know Perfect Love.

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