Rescuing Love

I loved myself. I mean really loved myself so much that i didn’t allow anyone else to love me because there was no way anyone could love me better than i loved myself. Sin got in my way and caused me such grief, despair and agony especially when someone tried. I delightedly pushed them away a thousand feet. I was raised in a loving family but somehow i knew the depths of my sin and insecurities brought on by self… i trusted no one but me. Until God brought me a faithful human- one whom i knew i didn’t deserve because i wasn’t faithful… it was through him, the catalyst God used to break me, to break my cement head, my thick skull of stubbornness that today i am forever eternally grateful for- for redemption in the blood of Christ, restoring God’s rescuing Love that He created me for. To be able to love Him with every fiber of my being is because of His indwelling Spirit, and the outpouring of His Love onto my family is an effect of that Amazing Love. Oh Christ, my Savior and King i rejoice in Love and joyously live in trusting You because I have been given everything and realize that i, apart from Christ know nothing.

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