Sins Grasp

Harsh maybe to some, but to Jesus He wants you to know that He, rather, is Radical Love.

Until you meet with the Risen King. Until you deal with The Savior of the world Jesus Christ, you will forever be miserable in the depths of your heart, you will live consumed by discontent and down trodden…why? Because sin is your natural bent, misery is its natural destruction because you know how horrible you really are, (look deeply within yourself, look at your kids faces- have you ever wondered?) you just cant admit it so you hide it, you cant be loved because you know you don’t deserve love. So no matter what family or friends do for you, its futile because you haven’t dealt with nor have you received the very Gift that will change your heart forever – He is The Lord Jesus Christ. Please feel free to try every thing else but until that day, you are the same, nothing will satisfy you because you are a walking dead person because Jesus gives Life- He is The only Life Giver. For God so Loved the world that He Gave His One and Only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have Everlasting Life. Is today the day you will surrender to The Lord of Lords and give Him your desires and recieve the power of the Holy Spirit. He will come into your life and cleanse you of all unrighteous, show you that because of Christ you are changed from sins grip, released/free from the eternal hell and devastation that comes from sins bondage. The number 1 reason people wont come to Christ is because they don’t recognize their need. Oh your delusion of strength is just that- a delusion. We desperately need God… you can either come surrender now or wait until eternal death stares you in the face (or you can get killed immediately and there’s no returning back from your life of rejecting God)- either way its where your headed if you dont humble yourself before the Lord and repent. Believe and you will be saved. Non believer you are dead without Christ. Believer, are you freed from sins chains or or still bucking up to the cost of whole surrender to follow Jesus. We all need to desperately recognize our need for God and its a humble daily surrender and what follows is Hope, a peace that surpasses all understanding and a joy beaming from within even admist the most abundant of days or the most suffering of days. This flows from The power of The Holy Spirit- Jesus taking up residence within His people to create in you a clean heart and a steadfast Spirit. Some will read this and disregard completely, others will ponder and pride overcomes them to never accept, but theres that 1 person for whom this is for, the 1 reading whose heart has been tilled by God’s grace and mercy and ready to receive the Word of Christ and just needed that nudge. If you are that person please message me and i will walk you through this New life of Faith, The redeemed eternal life, the glorious peace and joy Given to you by God The Father, that you would have never known before.
Are you His?


John 3:16-21 AMP

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