Gospel heart change – foundational shift in our thinking and understanding.

Almighty God Creator of every cell in our bodies He so delicately knit us together for Him … not for us. He gave us all His goodness because apart from Him we have none… this needs to be foundational in the way we live life as a Christian. The change in our hearts and our thinking comes when we understand if all we had to do was be better, live holy lives, look perfect then Jesus never would have needed to come… we could achieve sll those things on our own… but when we grasp that , we can never, we start living Life, we start rejoicing, we start laying out our sins and weaknesses in front of the Father because it is He who saves! You can not save yourself… He did it all, for you and this is the grace that abounds that astonishes the hard hearts to a puddle of humility it brings The Fathers grace to hearts who may have never understood before… this is the foundational switch that moves and changes us from being stiff-necked, hard, prideful humans to being God’s steadfast daughter or son Who lives life in freedom as God intended.

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