Whatever you have been given, good and bad its not yours to behold. He says Behold The Lamb.
Behold nothing but The Lamb

Friend: How are you doing? I know your faith is getting you through, just make sure you know I am here for you if you need me. Even key figures throughout the Bible questioned God at times for allowing them to go through hard times.

Me: Thank you so much!! absolutely!! i’m not really one of those lol – as i was journaling this morning – He draws me even closer to Him – what I know is that if you are His, He requires/commands change (as much as we like to resist change) – and He will undoubtedly see that it happens – which is an absolute privaledge from Him and reminder that we are indeed His – so my desire is this for all – “How has your relationship with Jesus changed during this season? In the valley He is there and when He walks thru this with you and brings you to the mountain He doesn’t want you to be the same, He wants you to be changed.” Fixing our eyes on Him and not the distraction will inevitably change us to the likeness of Christ. This is what He does to those He has called – so utmost gratitude and thanksgiving really in ALL circumstances, knowing what He desires most is for us to be separated from the world and more like Him. ❤

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