Front Row Seat

I often have no idea what God is doing in the moment, but at the same time –
I am Praising The Lord, I can often SEE God’s Love poured out onto people’s lives (including my own) in the midst of the most tragic situations… He never fails, all powerful, faithful, consuming Father. I consider it one of His most precious gifts and when I come to Him in prayer with it, He reveals to me even more the depths of His Amazing Grace and Love. Since you have chosen Lord, I have been given a front row seat to watch the glory of God unfold, being revealed in each moment. As I turned to Him all day yday and again this morning my mind has been drawn to the special blessing it is to have my lifelong friend come into town tomorrow for 10 days (exactly the time of gary hospital stay)- her trip was planned way before we knew that Gary would be having major surgery, let alone that it would be the day after she arrives. So awesome that she is coming during this time- I did not plan that, God did and honestly I was sad at first realizing that this is her first time on the west coast and that feeling of inability to ‘show her’ SoCal. But then God quickly and gently revealed to me, “I am sending her to help you.” o wow – geesh, not what I had in mind at all. Grateful for this special friend!
It reminded me of prov 16:9. We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.

Then Christ revealed, loved Rachel, to see Cali is one thing but to see what I’m about to do here is a much greater thing, watching The majesty of The Lord of Lord’s and King of Kings there is no greater view or sight! Cheryl, I am grateful to God He planned your trip and you are about to get a front row seat to God’s Love here in Socal, it’s magnificent, holy and perfect- whatever His Way is the most perfect, beautiful Way. Lord thank you for the eyes to see Your mighty power, to Trust in You, and for the boldness to proclaim it in a world that is dying and blinded to it.

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