In these last several days I can’t articulate enough my gratitude for love poured out on so many levels… I’m a witness to the body of Christ at work! A plethora of cards from brothers and sisters in Christ from all over, including people we don’t know (many in alaska); many prayer warriors at my side all day and night intensely praying God’s glory revealed in and through my husband through His healing, comfort, recovery, protection, rest and peace; family friends devoted to the well being of my kids while I am here able to spend days and over nights with gary; many brothers in Christ coming to visit and pray with Gary everyday he’s been here; amazing nurses and Drs here at the hospital.
God is so merciful in all of This!

Yesterday I was reminded again the freedom of surrendering to The One Who holds everything together.

There’s nothing greater than the ability to give again your kids, your company, the friends and families all doing so much into the hands of an almighty God – it is an act of great faith and a daily surrender. This is the work, the striving we must do everyday. The act of surrendering, to daily depend on the One Who holds all things together by His almighty power. Do these things and peace and joy will be your dwelling. Oh so thankful for His present all sufficient grace! Without which there is only worry, fear, uncertainty and anxiety because we are not in control and deep down in the depths we know this full well; but in our cement headedness we just can’t fathom it because we think we own it all. And Really, I got nothing. This is freedom and this is the daily grace only Jesus gives.

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