Exceedingly Abundant

I imagine that most people would say they don’t have time for cancer… how grateful I am to know that not only do we not have time, but in that same breath I see God’s provisions in all of This, the steadfastness of our GMS family, the hands and feet of those helping with my kids, the peace God has given me in the midst, the tears He allows me to weep because of His great love and the faithful love only He has given me for my husband. This is not me; this is The power of Christ in me and in The family He has ordained during a time such as this. The tremendous gift of knowing psalm 121 backwards and forwards. It is These by the power of His Spirit which are the exceedingly abundantly more than I can ask, think or imagine for His glory, in the church for generations and generations to come. (Ref eph 3:20-21)

Lastly, I’ve been able to make this hospital my home because of Christ, because of His church, because He has lavished His present grace on me (I am His Beloved and He is mine), His merciful new morning, and continues to show me what true freedom really is. The peace of Christ passes all understanding and makes no sense at All, He just is the great I Am. This is just one of His stories and my heart rejoices to share how great He is.hospital

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