Bold Trust

Jesus came not to make bad people good but to make dead people alive.
Ps 20:7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. He wants us to be prepared bit He doesn’t want His people to trust in those things. He wants us to relinquish all control trusting that He will control all things perfectly in accordance to His will. Do you trust Him?

Fear or Faith. Comparing The ring alarm and the protection of The Almighty God, if we prepare our safety fortress just so, we think we will be protected from harm. Was I careless in not locking my car, yes but God says its okay I got you, you are mine. Ultimately It doesn’t matter the safety nets you have built (fortress, video cameras – Trae still stealing) because my Will be done. He says, I want you to see Me. He delights in showing us His Power. We are so foolish to think that we are most powerful, that if we do it just right all will be good which leaves us in a state of anxiety, being hard on ourselves and hard on others or putting that same culture of being hard on ourselves. So people build up their pride delusion-ally trusting in ourselves. So we build up these safety nets all around us because we are so used to people failing us, controlling situations we do this subconsciously. I don’t need a safety net with God. My Hope and trust in Him is secure, immovable, steadfast, never rocky – but we put God in that same box of possible failure, what if He doesn’t do something, I have to be prepared! But what Sin!! In Christ, I don’t need a safety net, I don’t need a plan B with Him. He can’t go against His perfectness because He will remain faithful because of His Supreme Holiness, He is not shaken, He knows all and all! He is Supreme over all things, everything is subject under Him!either we trust Him or we don’t and we continue down the path of Fear, uncertain about all things instead of being certain of Who God is! Do you believe that you can not be taken from salvation?! Absolutely Not, but we live like we do, like God may somehow drop the ball so we make sure and try to do everything perfect just in case, so we can make it! This is Sin, this is vain, we are crucifying Jesus all over again when the truth is He came, perfect, sinless to be our advocate when we fail. We need to repent and believe!

Beach day. I sought the Lord intentionally as I was focusing on a Spiritual Conversation on God with a friend. The girls were in the ocean boogie boarding. This is my Ocean and my girls do you trust me with my creations ? Honestly it was an extreme test of my faith in God or fear of man. But as He grew me deeper in ministry to Him I could look away with faith and reverence that God is Who He says He is. Everything is subject to Him. But we can’t know it fully if we don’t relinquish control. What are your safety nets?

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