Drunkenness in The Spirit

Is Christ worth losing yourself for- I will never understand it but I am on one epic pedestal in my home, I am dearly loved but mostly I am vigilantly watched; like a hawk… I am on bright display and my family is taking notice. Over dinner my family is discussing what God says about drunkenness- the scripture comes up where God makes a seemingly odd analogy between between being drunk with ‘wine’ and being drunk in the Spirit- He isn’t talking about consumption – He says do not get drunk with wine but rather be drunk in the Spirit- what does it look like to be drunk or passionately consuming anything? It looks out of control, uninhibited, fearless, losing yourself; this is what being drunk in The Spirit does- we are no longer ‘ourselves’ we are no longer in control, we have lost ourselves and The Spirit has taken over, just like when you are drunk in anything else whether it be alcohol, drugs, gaming, selfishness, pride, that has taken over.
When my beautiful 9 year old pipes in during our discussion and says I think you are drunk in The Spirit all the time mom; my first reaction is that’s God, then wow are you sure, then in humility I bow because when she was just a baby I committed and was called to follow Jesus and delightedly accepted; and sweet baby girl has no idea the life I could be leading as she watched like a hawk. So I give God the glory for the mercy, grace and love without which I would be still getting drunk with everything but Him (fear, alcohol, passionate pursuits, irritations, good deeds, unbelief, disappointments, complaints, competitions, etc). Everything would take precedence over Him, He would be way down on my list of ‘things to do’ … I would be dead in my sin but because of His grace I am alive in Christ.

John 7:37-39 Rivers of Living Water

Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”. Do rivers of His Living water flow from me?

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