God’s Wrath and His Amazing Grace

I am reading God’s anger in action in the book of Micah – It’s very clear that He hates the the sin that we think of ourselves more highly than we ought, He hates the sin of “independence”, He hates the sin of “taking credit” for the ‘good’ that we do, He hates the sin when we think we deserve better, He hates the sin of consumption and obsession over anything but Him, He hates the sin of misconceptions and wishful thinking. Why? Because He is Holy, Holy, Holy, He is perfectly Just in His ways and yet incredibly Faithful to His people! But God is very willing to pardon the sins of any who repent because of Jesus; through the The WAY, the Truth and The Life because no one can come to The Father except through Him. This is Amazing Grace, undeserved eternal life with The Creator God, this is our Hope, why we cling and keep clinging because of His Mercy on our lives. Lord help us, to repent daily of our intentional and unitentional sins proclaiming and believing Your faithfulness to forgive them, Trusting in You! HALLELUJAH… what can mere mortals do to us when You God have sealed our Eternity with You here now and Everlasting.

A heart of repentance knows that it is only by the grace of God we are where we are today!

We all are commanded to repent; not just the people where obvious evil is seen but the ones where the evil is secret. #humility

Lord remove every evil, vile thing and thought within me and continue transforming me into the likeness of Your Son Jesus Christ, Who poured out His blood for the sake of Love, for the sake of God’s wrath on my life without You.

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