The Heart of Humility by The Grace of Jesus.

I was born a very selfish wretch, dead in sin, dead not even realizing, but God knew I was in desperate need for a Savior! The Lord provided Him, Jesus, to me at a cost so high I can never repay and because of that, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me (not because I put Him there, but God did)- there’s nothing I can do or say to make Him pleased, Jesus Pleased Perfectly, because of my Savior, in Him I believe and trust, I have no more delusions of strength, what I have is incredible weakness that Christ’s Grace is sufficient for, His power is made perfect only in my weakness, so I will boast gladly in my weaknesses so that Christ’s Power may rest on me.

Being raised from the dead is an absolute miracle by the all sufficient grace of Almighty God. So Christian, if you have been born again, you are a walking Resurrected miracle, how’s that for boasting in Jesus Christ!! BOAST IN HIM DAILY and LIVE!


Displaying Humility...the heart G...

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