Suitable Helper

Lord, not sure I am his suitable helper, because I am failing at every turn.  The Truth was revealed to me in The Holy Word of God today as I began reading again in Genesis Jan 1, 2018. “Then The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” Gen 2:18  I found myself dwelling on the word “suitable” for the entire morning… wow, am I chosen and created suitably for my husband, if I believe God is sovereign over all things, then I must rest and trust Him in that Truth, no matter what my circumstances reveal.  “For indeed man was not created for woman’s sake, but woman for the man’s sake.” 1 Cor 11:9

“When God saw His Creation as very good, He viewed it a being to that point the perfect outcome to His creative plan. However, in observing man’s state as not good, He was commenting on His incompleteness before the end of the sixth day because the woman, Adam’s counterpart, had not yet been created. The words of this verse emphasize man’s need for a companion, a helper, and an equal. He was incomplete without someone to compliment him in fulfilling the task of filling, multiplying, and taking dominion over the earth. This points to Adams’s inadequacy, not Eve’s insufficiency. Woman was made by God to meet man’s deficiency.”

Lord, when my mind and my heart grow weary, remind me that I am Yours, that I am chosen, created specifically for Your purposes with this man that You so graciously created me to suitably help.  Thank you for strengthening my faith and creating in me a bold, perseverent, humble Spirit.

In Christ’s Love,



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