Exodus Desert Wandering

The Lord God Almighty has major intentions for His people (Exodus 14)… The Israelite’s were brought out of slavery in Egypt, God in His grace leads them into the desert…curtailing all areas where there could have been war (with the intent that He knew His people might want to go back into Egypt (slavery) if they went through war zones)
So in the desert, 40 years, granted a long time but they wandered and wished to go back to slavery, they could not believe God brought them here … Hence the Historical “Exodus Desert Wandering” then, After The Lord divided the waters, “Israel saw the great power which The Lord had used against the Egyptians, the people feared The Lord and they believed in The Lord…
Grateful to God that today deserts don’t usually last 40 years, and how ungrateful am I to consider that this lesson in whatever desert is most certainly imperative to my walk with Christ. He does the same thing and our response is the same as those Israelite’s… I continue to want what I had before, I want to stay the same, it’s a battle that wages inside, why, because I can’t fathom being changed by God’s grace, I can’t even sit and dwell on His Faithfulness long enough to consider it! A merciful Holy God has to drag me kicking and fighting tooth and nail out of my own slavery (which in the midst, I can’t even understand that I am in slavery (there are always new slivers of slavery’s popping up) – Lord help me ponder, give me wisdom to understand that specific slavery which held me)… Wow how ungrateful I must seem to God, yet He is so gentle, yet will stop at nothing, so ambitious to change me into Christ likeness. Praise You Lord. The Steadfast Love of The Lord endures forever, and in receiving all His benefits, I weep in gratefulness and Thanksgiving to Jesus Christ because eternal life is gifted to me through Your Death and Resurrection, You hold me until it’s time and You will make it happen. Lord You are good to Yours Truly.Displaying Remember - God has maj...

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