The Work That Matters Matthew 6:33

The Lord revealed this to me back in January as I was desperately crying out to Him. This came flowing out at 4am one morning – as much as I didn’t want to get up from my Bible to find a piece of paper, I used my bible reading schedule page – BAM just flipped it over! And as much as God has taught and continues to teach me about myself, He often shows me the need of others as well. Turns out we all are on the outside looking in, until His Revelation of His Word, His Love in our hearts. Nothing changes, until Him. Until we get brought in, Until we Get to Put on The Armor of God to protect us from our natural ways and The Fruit of The Spirit Indwelling, well, it’s futile trying and frivolous and quite vain at best. In Christ, not only our we set free from ourselves, we set free those around us! Yep tremendous conduits of HIS AMAZING GRACE we get to be on those around us! I can tell you this much…Once we know how MUCH we have been forgiven, how much He has redeemed… only then can we Love with Christ’s Perfect Love. The Fullness of His Grace gifts us a daily repentant heart, in which we are so GRATEFUL! God, It’s amazing to be a recipient of Your Miracle and to have a front row seat to see His Miracles around me in the people I love.

For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord!
As Jesus Held Himself on that cross to the point of death, so He holds me. I am kept by The power of God, the same power with which He resurrected from the grave. “It Is Finished”

Displaying The Work that Matters!...Displaying The Work that Matters!...

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