Back to The Basics

I was doing a Bible study with a friend and in the beginning she said very sweetly, it seems kind of basic… I could tell she hesitated saying it but that is what truly was on her heart and you know what that’s okay! I understood exactly what she was saying. And since then the Lord hasn’t removed that word from my heart…

The truth is I do feel like I say and learn the same things over and over again in relation to the gospel, my kids often say very sweetly, you have said this before, you say it alot… And funny I don’t remember saying it repeatedly, I gather because what I say, I need to hear again myself by the grace of God…, what I do know is that Christ’s Spirit speaks what He will so Praise God that myself and my kids get to hear! Then I respond with, well The Lord must want you to hear again!

Are we better than the Israelites?
Our theology determines what we believe about basic. Basic is the essence of the gospel, proclaiming it’s simplicity in it’s own right but not easy in it’s portrayal from His people. Why? Could it be because we forget basic? Could it be that we in our power try to manipulate the gospel in some way that it wasn’t meant to be. Are we better than the Israelites? Are we better than Adam? To understand basic is to understand grace, to understand basic is to understand mercy, and when you do, when you truly do…. We become basic, very real, very honest, very sincere people – we have no leg to stand on but Christ and so then we stand in His Glory and His Righteousness Alone, boasting in his legs, not ours!

Matthew 18:3
And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

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