The God of All Grace – It is Everything

I remember it well, about 2 years or so ago God brought His grace to my full and abiding attention! The verse in 1 Peter 5:10 He is the God of all Grace – it was like a floodgate had opened but I didn’t know how to take it all in, so He said let me teach you. Oh how I thirsted to know what All Grace really meant.

With as much as we believe with our being that it’s by The Grace of God this is happening, is how much your heart will Rejoice in Him Who is the God of all Grace. He’s not just grace and good when it’s easy and fun, because to God for His Elect, it’s all Good to Him. As much as we abide in Him in trusting Him in that Truth, is as much as we will receive that The God of All Grace, is doing something magnificent and God help us so we don’t miss it! Purify our hearts Lord before you in surrender as You peel back the haze and help us see, that it is by God’s grace that He helps us see, helps us wage and get onboard to witness The Work that is going on in us and right under our noses! Lord guard us from selfish sin to prohibit us from Your Holy Work.

The more grace we receive, the more forgiveness and power of Christ we get to deal with the actual issue at hand, when our flesh so desperately wages us to despair in our own pity.

Because of Grace received He gives His thirst, His hunger for His Word And for Prayer, not something that seems treacherous but rather becomes a passionate privaledge and pursuit.

Namely anything and everything that comes to us is the hand of God, His Grace.

In short the Grace of God isn’t just what we deem to be good but rather what He does. He knows all things, when we can only wish we did – the more we receive the more we Rejoice , not because of our circumstances but because He knows best what grace we must endure to be made Perfect In Him.

When someone is around you and says ‘God’ but you know they are not referencing The Holy (taking His Name in vain), your heart probably skips several beats… Why? God’s Grace… Therefore because you don’t say God in vain, you can’t boast, not one iota, and God doesn’t need a defense attorney, rather we do. Because before Christ Awakens us by His Spirit, we don’t give one hoot if someone says God in a frivolous manner. And if we don’t believe what we have is this Amazing GRACE, then our compassion goes right out the door, our sadness for them is instead anger, and we can’t Love them In Christ. This is the work we have been given to always be In Him.

I come from the city of destruction but I’m on my way to Zion by the Amazing Grace of Jesus Christ.
Heb 12:25

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