The Cup of Contentment.

Coming off of a Blessed time with 37 people in Cancun, MX… realizing just how much God answered years of prayers, in this time with many, meeting many coming from all over the country for the first time…. this small gms company, though we are but a vapor, He, The King of Kings has brought His Glorious Mercy on us.  And I got to taste and see, Yet Again!  So my delight is to share much of His Goodness.

A faithful group of Christian men and women were established in advance and so while we were in Cancun, I gathered us in fellowship, we set aside time daily together to worship and praise The Lord, encourage one another in our faith, pray and give abundant thanks to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. During our last day together I was overwhelmed with humble joy…I broke down in tears of compassion, thanksgiving, humility, and a bit of oppression. A faithful man of God immediately encouraged me and among many scriptures he reminded me of, he also said “this cup is not going to pass from you”.  I looked at him in wonderment, I knew right then I was going to take that statement right to You Lord. I remembered Jesus’ Word in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:38-40) when He cried out to The Lord, if it is Your Will let this cup pass from me, although not My Will, but Yours be Done. Though He asked, He knew This Cup was His to Bear. He knew why He Came, therefore He knew this cup would not pass from Him.

So in my asking “What Cup Lord will not pass from me?” I weeded through and laid down all of my own thoughts and situations that I thought might be ‘my vain cup’ and then God whispered, My child, Beloved, You get the glorious gift, The Cup of Contentment.

In following You Jesus, when You adopted me into Your family, The family of God to be Your daughter, a daughter of The King, You established my Way, You established my Truth, You established my Life. You said I can do (be content in) all things through Christ Who gives me strength. And yes it’s what You Do! So whatever Lord, God of All Grace, You dish out, wherever You establish me, I know it is You Who holds The Cup, The blood that was poured out for me, I am covered, I am content. Help me not to reject Your Glory in the hard moments, in ill-equipped feelings, in the valley, on the mountain, in sin, in oppression, in harsh moments, in rejected moments, in many acts of man’s selfishness and pride, in the sick moments, in the abundant moments, in the seemingly mundane and frivolous moments because The Cup that I get to walk in is You, and Lord You know that because You Keep me, It (You) won’t pass from me.  I get to follow You Jesus all the days of my life and I will dwell in The House of The Lord Forever. Help me walk in The Spirit and in Truth, Humility and Courage, Abiding in You, The Cup of my Contented Salvation. You Lord are The Joy and Rock of my Salvation.

Wrap This One Up, He’s The One!  Ohhhhh Hallelujah to The King! Done!

One thought on “The Cup of Contentment.

  1. Such deep thoughts dear little one whom HE loves. God is truly using you for His Glory and His purpose. I’m so happy in my spirit whenever you share with us what God has placed in your 💜 and in your soul. It always amazes me the insight HE gives and the choice of words you use to convey your thoughts! Thankful that we are embarking on the season of His birth and that God’s people will be celebrating the true meaning of CHRIST-mas!


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