All Inclusive

Here’s a fascinatingly fascinating story about my husband that maybe he is not even aware of how The Lord is using him, but I’m here to tell it… One of the wonderful things I’ve noticed in how God created him is that he is amazing at including others. So much so that introverts like me, may moan when he wants to include me on something that I have zero interest in.   As his wife there are major blessings to that I am fully aware of now, BUT when it comes to raising our kids, there is a plethora of backdoor blessings to this character trait.

For me though, I was a christian, went to church my whole life off and on and never did I get invited to go to a fellowship or bible study until I was 36 years old! Due to my natural introverted tendency,  I wasn’t seeking but what in the world… where was the inclusion? But by The Grace of God my son starting at age 12 would go with Gary every month to his men’s breakfast fellowship bible study. Gary could never see going without him, to Gary he had to have his boy with him. Because of that discipline, God has given Grant his own hearts desire to go, he was telling me earlier, “I love it, and I know I need to go”.

The other backdoor blessing of inclusion coming from a parent, demonstrates need, an essence of teamwork, demonstrates that whether you want to do it or not, I want you to come with me and learn. And anyone who truly follows Christ, knows that God often and daily takes us into situations and circumstances that we never would have chosen for ourselves good and bad and often it’s not up to us to decide because He has chosen. This is a vital spiritual,emotional, mental and physical life lesson that is such a magnificent gift, that I would never have seen without having this gift of spending so much time together. “For I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me.” Galatians 2:20

Grant is reaping a blessing he never sought out to begin with, but God did!  Amazing Grace!


Grant and Gary (and a few extra hands not pictured) just completed the homemade jet ski ramp.  Project Masters I might guess is around 12,422

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