The Ministry of Reconciliation. Watching God Move Mightily through my son.

“Every day we may see some new thing In Christ. His love hath neither brim nor bottom.” Samuel Rutherford

One might ask me, what could be more fascinating than being outside every day taking in that bay view, its breathtaking. Well yeah it sure is but honestly I have to make it a point to enjoy it, and I do believe me…. but truly what I find easily most fascinating is that I don’t have to force myself to witness God moving in my life or my people’s lives…. I wait for it by Faith because He asks me too, grant’s me the privaledge and I expect it, as I expect the sun to rise, I expect I will get to watch some fascinating things all throughout the day going on in my people. Yes Faith abounds in my being… it is the most fascinating gift I’ve ever seen and known through The Grace of Jesus Christ. The greatest Love of knowing Christ is my advocate and trusting in the work that is going on, is amazing and all sufficient. Writing them down is the legacy I will leave. Who reads it will not be my concern, but God’s. I get to simply write His story and since His life has no ending, who better to write about. Thankful it’s not mine, but His and I get to share of Him and His Greatness with this small world.

Watching God move in my 15 year old son’s life is most wonderful and one of the greatest blessings I get to enjoy! Grateful The Lord chose me to be your mom 15 years ago today… shew Grant, you have taught me so much!
“But the beauty of disciple-making is that we are not pointing people to our character. As our failures are put on display, we get to point the ones we disciple to the only One who is worthy of being imitated.”

No one, not one person is immune to hurting someone especially a loved one, but here is where The Humility of Jesus Christ comes in by The Power of The Holy Spirit and performs a miracle of reconciliation. The test is, flesh vs spirit in that moment ….pride vs humility. Christian, you have the gift of a choice.

Everyone in our house squeaks loudly except for this one… even our 2 small 4 lb dogs, yes the squeaky wheel(s) often gets the oil. All that to say, it takes intentional prayer for wisdom, for darkness to be brought out into the light so nothing remains hidden with this quiet, seemingly unshakable one, the discernment of The Holy Spirit, needing major help from God to make us see the unnoticeable.

When I think about God, when I think about His fruit, this quality moves to the sweetest icing on the cake… the other day my son did something he knew he shouldn’t do and I sat him down reminding him, who he belongs to, His inheritance, His adoption by The Creator God by His Holy Spirit through The Love of Jesus Christ. He understood greatly his need to ask for forgiveness and repent. Typically, sins do not only affect just the person who committed them, but the many around them are hurt just as much usually towards sadness, pride or contempt, even anger. Caring about that takes on a whole new meaning.

(a mature spirit filled recipient clings tightly to Jesus immediately expressing to Christ their own need and their hatred toward this sin, all the while casting their own temptation of reactive sin onto Christ quickly, crucifying their flesh, so that patience, purity and boldness can keep the recipient in perfect peace and joy even in trial). Justified and redeemed.

But what a blessing it would be to all if this happens: ….This takes apologizing to a whole new level that doesn’t come without The Power of the Holy Spirit. I gave Grant some time to consider God and in humility go before the throne room of grace. Then moments after, he came to me and said the most fruit filled statement anyone could ever say to someone who loves you. “Mom, I’m really sorry I hurt your heart.” I never even said I was hurt but by my tears (not anger) he could see and by The Power of The Holy Spirit as Christ’s love compelled him, grant responded. “The ministry of reconciliation” …the greatest, humblest, sweetest form of communication that we have been given in Jesus Name! When I think of God, I think of grant and how God has caused this spiritually growing boy to “in humility consider others better than himself.” Phil 2:3-4

Ref 2 Corinthians 5:11-21

Grant we used to say you were a peace maker but God has given that term a divine and deeper meaning of “reconciler”, a tremendous spiritual leadership quality. Grant, you keep on your pursuit of holiness as Christ has enabled you. I am grateful to know that one day your wife will be a recipient of this fruit filled blessing. It brings healing, love, security and peace.

Father, Let the favor of You Lord, be on Grant, and establish the work of his hands upon him; yes establish the work of his hands in Jesus Name, Amen. Psalm 90:17

I am so enjoying being your mom!

I love you.


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