Here to Stay

5:30am You Lord awakened me again, You made me ready to Praise You.

The enemy has tried his damnedest to destroy this marriage and why wouldn’t he, its what he does, he’s a promise crusher, the father of lies, father of darkness, the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy. He is the destroyer, the author of chaos and confusion
Look around, marriages are falling apart at the seams, it’s probably satan’s best kept secret out there, killing babies is all out in the open but killing marriages, we are all happy. No.

Then Enter Christ, The Author of Love, Peace, Joy, Healer, Redeemer. His plan was always to Come, Restore the broken, Heal the diseased, and Love eternally. Not for our time here, not physically but spiritually here and for all eternity! Once we are His children we are not of this world but a steward of it. During a sweet time with my husband after a week of upset, he wanted to sit with me and I was able to tell him, I love you more than anything else In This world, pause.. I knew he didn’t get it, so then I added, even more than the kids. He looks at me, says no way… I’m thinking wow, he really doesn’t know. To then I reply, Yes I do! Because of Christ I do, it’s a love I can’t explain, I don’t always feel like loving you, but because of Christ my love for you is without end. Why do you think I write sweet notes to you even when I should be upset with you. Why do you think I bring you breakfast almost every morning upstairs? Why do I stop and do and am available for whatever you ask of me. Why can I stop and pray in the middle of chaos, Because of God’s love! He is why I move, why I breathe, why I love. Because He doesn’t change, my commitment to you does not waiver based on how I feel.
Whenever I want to run, God whispers wait.
Whenever I want to hide, God whispers hide in Me.
Whenever I want to leave, God whispers I have never left you.

God has shown me your broken heart based on people you have had in your life, your feelings of abandonment, unloved, and alone. But God has shown His power here in this home, and you can’t push me away, the same way you can’t push God out of you, or out of your life. He is here to stay and so am I. You are Wholly and Dearly and Perfectly loved by Your Faithful Father and Friend and imperfectly loved by your family. I am so very grateful, I can’t wait to see what God is doing today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. I will praise Him now, and while we wait and watch!

In Jesus’ Powerful Name I pray,



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