Into The Deep

3am You Lord woke me to remember, to Praise You again.  Lord Your Name is The Name above all Names.  Your intimacy is the sweetest song to my soul.

I knew the Lord was here last night.. my husband sat on the couch and looked content and peace filled, his satchel leather bag that he carries around with The Bible and journal was with him. I looked at him, “everything ok”? He replied, Yes, can you come over here and sit next to me? He asks sweetly….
Without hesitation “sure” I replied.
I could feel The compassion of The Lord rising up. He wanted to share something deeper than work or politics. He wanted to share his heart. This is one of the greatest gifts a husband can give his wife because until that happens, her heart is hardly able to be received by him.
I felt like I was at Disneyland getting ready to go on a ride for the first time, slightly afraid, not knowing what to expect or how I would feel at the end. I went anyway, afraid…afraid of my mouth, afraid of his uncomfortableness, at the same time my heart was singing God’s praises, I trusted Him. Then when Gary spoke, it was the absolute thing that God had been preparing me in throughout the day. Like God was saying earlier, let me prepare you because the opportunity will come and boy did it. God had revealed something deep to me earlier, so I was prepared without even knowing in advance like He did.
Thank You Lord, Thank You for Your Powerful and Mighty Love, I will continually boast in Your great Name at Your Glory, Your resounding Love towards this family.

In Jesus Mighty and Holy Name I pray,


One thought on “Into The Deep

  1. Amen! This is how Love between a husband and wife is supposed to be! Praise God for HIS wonderful grace and for giving your husband a deeper understanding of Him and a deep love for you ❤️

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