The Great Exchange Christian!
Love covers a multitude of sins. Define love. We cannot change our sinful patterns we can only confess it and ask God for his mercy. Have mercy towards me a sinner. Do we understand that God sees us as who we are, we are not hiding from Him, though we may want to, he says come to Him because of His great Love towards us.
Psalm 13
Luke 12

We can only forgive others we we recognize the great forgiveness poured out on us from a holy righteous God. As a Christian if we hold any unforgiveness in our hearts towards another person …what do we do with that. We must confess it, because that is holding unforgiveness that you have no right to hold against another person when we know God washed our sins white as snow, forgiving them as far as the east is from the west, past present and future. It is ludicrous to think we can justify when God took the wrath of our punishment on himself so that we might live. But we keep living in this bondage ball and chain and keeping others in that same ball and chain. Set yourself free and set them free by the grace of God!

Praise You Jesus!

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