Respectable Sins

Lord have mercy on me a sinner!
Naturally Seated on the highest of horses, daily, by the grace of God, Supernaturally, I get the privilege to fall off and fall onto a horse named Grace. He is Amazing, He catches me every time.
Oh yes and it’s all grace, recognizing my plank of sins daily keeps me in a posture of humility and love. Without which I would have no need for a savior. Do you sin? Do you know that you do? We know the biggies, but I mean the microscopic ones that we desperately try to overlook and hide. It’s cancer, malignant and we tolerate it.

Do you know that Gods Amazing grace is in the recognition, awakening of your sinfulness of sins and in the confession of it everyday? God grieves over our sin, but rejoices at His Power illuminating it for us, through The Holy Spirit, that we might confess it and bring healing to our wounds and to those around us, receiving His Joy and His Peace and His freedom. I Praise God I see this every day! The grace of God abounds and His Power overcomes, I am able to dish it back out! The wiles and schemes of the enemy can scadattel, slither and cause a ruckus back to hell where he belongs.


Praise You Father for your mercy!

My Victory is in Jesus Name!

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