Hate the sin, Love the sinner.


No personal attacks here, just grace and some righteous anger.
Sin urks my nerves, I hate it in me, and I hate it in others! It keeps us in disbelief, it keeps us in bondage and slavery to the devils schemes and temptations. Sin destroys, divides and damages all sinners, that’s us, everyone involved. It is why we hate it because created us in God’s Image we hate what He hates. But let us stop there, focus on Christ, let us not be tempted to despair or hopelessness, let us not be shocked because this is our hope that sin will be eradicated but the sinner will Live, and the true Christian will rejoice, help us who walk in purity of heart not nullify the grace of God towards those that need it most. This Can’t be done in our flesh, we will sin and fall short of God’s glory daily but with God’s presence in our lives, His Holy Spirit help, His Armor, we can battle in prayer and thankfulness.

For the Christian this is our hell, it’s as bad as it will get for us here…but eternal fire hell is for the one who doesn’t receive Saving Faith, The Gift in Jesus Name, the gift God provided to us because He hates sin but loves the sinner. He knows His love conquered death and hell, but not all will believe and He knows who He has written in The Lambs Book of Life before the foundation of the world (there is no adding, no subtracting). If you believe or will come to saving faith, we don’t know all who, only He does but regardless, your name was already known. His Amazing Grace overwhelms His beloveds with this Truth, it leads us to humility and repentance and He is pleased through the righteousness of Christ. It is finished but it’s not over till the trumpet sounds, are you His, does Your heart rejoice in Hearing this good news, if so, then that’s His heart graciously bestowed upon you causing you to be saved. You can’t walk in sin any longer (you are a slave to righteousness), you can be tempted by it and surely step in it, but by His grace His Holy Spirit leads us back to Him. Be assured persevering Christian, evaluate your life Luke warm Christian. The Cost?? God will call His beloveds to die here, so they can Live with Him And Love Him now and for all eternity. Accepting what is and trusting in The Sovereignty and Grace of Almighty God to Love the way He has loved us…to love the sinner, such as me the worst of sinners but hate the sin. #Heistheway

Even a thief, the one with minutes before his last breath…he surrendered and Lived

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