A Thanksgiving Story. God Loves You.

Public thanksgiving allows others to “hear and be glad” and encourages them to corporate praise. As we sit around the Thanksgiving table with family and hear their words of thanks to God, it reminds us that we, too, ought to be thankful for the same mercies.

On our own, we are often slow to gratitude, but public thanksgiving keeps us from drifting into the ways of the godless who do “not honor him as God or give thanks to him” (Rom. 1:21). The company of others helps us recall just how much we’ve received.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t always thankful for GMS…I’ve always worked hard from the beginning, the working round the clock was always evident. Working hard doesn’t make me thankful, Only until God revealed to me His purpose, why I work.
I haven’t always wanted to tell you The Truth about God’s Love… Because I didn’t know God’s Love for myself. Now it is the mission of why I’m here, why you are here, so let me pass along to you The Truth about God’s Love so that you might share it with the people God places in your path.

And not getting it at the time the blessed Power of God at work in GMS, for 8 years at GMS His Name, His Love travels all over the world and searches the hearts of those who He has prepared to know Him and make His Name fully Known.

I’m gonna tell you a story of Thanksgiving as it pertains to life, you, me and this company that started Jan 2001. About 10 years ago I bought a pair of black jeggings but it wasn’t until after about 3 years I noticed something not just any something but someone… It was the inscribed statement “God Loves You” on the underside of the tag. And I thought aww I already knew that, but did I? Who is this God Who so loves me and why?;
God knew I would see it at that moment and He knew exactly how He would prepare in an instant my heart and mind for His Namesake. What is so significant about that statement was that I didn’t really get it…The Fullness of what that Truth actually meant. But His Love towards me started to be revealed when I learned about Him, Who He was had been concealed for 33 years. when I was moved to put His Name on the bottom of every can we sold and back then we had cans, not kits. Because of His jealous pursuit of me, He revealed to me His Word that changed my life… His Word written down so that I could know Him and know Whose I was, that He created me to worship and worship I did, everything but Him… I worshipped my deserving pride, bitterness towards my job, my resentment, and everything that would make me feel better, I worshipped that. Then He called my name and I was able to hear Him, I created you to worship Me, so here is a new heart that will hunger and thirst and actually want to do that. He showed me that Jesus Christ exchanged His righteousness for my sins, imparting to me Himself so that I can simply worship God. Not perfectly but the desire grew more and more intense. I walked and grew strong In the Lord. When I read Psalm 23 and John 15. That God made The Way to Him through Jesus, it was Amazing grace! For every Every ailment Jesus is the answer. He is the reason why I am here breathing, He is the reason why I love, He is the reason why I Live, He is the reason why I pray, He is the reason why I give because His Grace, His amazing grace is sufficient, His power is made perfect in my weakness and because He has shown me The Way I am able to choose to Love The Lord with all my heart mind souls and strength – His greatest desire for me that He has given to me through an act of Love, life, death and resurrection of our Risen King, Our Messiah, our Savior. He asks if anyone has ears let them hear, and turn from, confess your sins to Him, believe In The One God has sent, Jesus Christ will forgive you and you will be saved.

Read John 15

How great the Father’s Love for us how vast beyond all Measure that He should give his only son to make a wretch his treasure. How great the pain of searing loss the father turns His face away, as wounds which mar the chosen one, bring many sons to glory.

If we humbly admit that, as a sinner, we deserve nothing but God’s wrath yet in an act of outrageous grace, he turned his face of mercy and kindness toward us, feelings of tremendous thankfulness will fill our heart.
If we remind ourselves that every good thing in our life is an undeserved blessing, we will find reasons to be grateful everywhere we look, rather than feeling entitled and disappointed.
This is what Thanksgiving should for you spiritually. Use the holiday to remind yourself of who you are, what you deserve, and what God gave you instead.
It will radically shift your meditation from complaint to gratitude.

This is why I Love GMS, because God in His mercy revealed Himself to me in a time I wasn’t even prepared, I watched Him transform me as I dwelled in His mercy and grace and delighted as He transformed this GMS into a heart of worship of Him and God in His grace allowed me to seek Him and share with the world all that He Is, Was and Always will be. God Loves You.

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