The Call

This man of great integrity has had some things dealt to him in the last few years that would crush a person… Physically, emotionally, mentally. But instead God Spiritually has moved so powerfully, so mightily to fill him with overflowing grace, to show him The Lord’s faithfulness, His unrelenting mercy, His steadfast love…. through His Word, His Presence and Through the many men and women of God that He has surrounded Gary with every single day. This, friends, has been a joy to witness , to walk through the fire alongside him and not get burned, to give thanks in all circumstances. God knows the prayers prayed and He continues to answer them all according to His Perfect and Pleasing Will. The Father is mighty to save, for His Namesake and for His glory to be made known among the nation’s. When you call us Lord, we recognize our weakness, we recognize our broken state, then You reveal Your Power and Your glory, not a call to be better than anyone but to Go….GO tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere….Jesus Christ.

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