Come out

My time with The Lord Jesus never fails.

I remember a time when I didn’t want to be known… I had many things hidden that I didn’t even realize, things that I didn’t need or want to share, I ran from hard things, never dealt in the reality, hated confrontation, people got too close I pushed them away, swept everything under the rug. I was a darn good hider. People called me good, they said it so much I believed them and I thought I was awesome, the whole 9. I didn’t even really know that I wasn’t, I just thought sure I’ll take it. Pride filled me and my heart continued to harden and grew cold.

I think it’s scary to most to be known…. If you really knew me, would you still love me, would you still want to be my friend, would I still be able to come to church? This is where supernatural amazing grace comes in.
Jesus says, if I don’t know you, then you can’t come. What!!?? He wants to know me, you sure? I remember a time sitting in front of the church in my car feeling inadequate to be around the saints (not realizing that I was one) because it seemed my previous life and some of my current new life reflected a sad, sinful state… So instead of going to Bible study with all those ‘good’ women I drove off and sat in a grocery store parking lot, pulled out my Bible and read it alone. It didn’t realize what a grace that was at the time (knowing I could have tossed a couple drinks back). Sure God was pleased because I came to Him but God didnt want me to walk alone, He gave me a new family to invite in, to fellowship with, to enjoy. So I had to make myself known to them. And in doing that, The Holy Spirit United us and has blessed this immensely!

Hmmm think about this Revelation of freedom in Christ. What good is it if you live 2 lives? Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from your life! Do you smoke, cuss, blow your lid in certain situations but hold it all together in church, in front of other believers Christian? It seems right that you would hide, but if you do what’s wrong sin is crouching at the door waiting to devour you, but God has the victory over your sin In Jesus Name, so why do you keep at it, feeble facade, your strength to quit is weak at best but God, He is is waiting to know you, really. Don’t keep doing things that make you boast in yourself. Surrender to God, receive His Grace and be free, Salvation is His and He gives it to those He knows, not to the fakers. Don’t you fear Him that He sees and knows the difference. Where do you dwell? Is God your friend? Is He your refuge or are your distractions your friend? I am compassionate and care deeply about the heart and soul more than life, I wait and pray. Illness won’t keep you from the things you enjoy, He sees, but rather the things you enjoy keep you from God . Look up child, see the salvation of the Lord, depart from your selfish ways and live in fellowship with the saints which God has brought you into. He takes our weaknesses and carries our disease. We walk in victory not wasting a single day to spend our days with Him, getting to know Him and allowing Him to know you, to then share His glory and salvation with others because we supernaturally care about people when before we know we didn’t really.

It’s intense now that The Amazing Grace that Christ gives this craving to be known… I delight to be held accountable so I share my most intimate thoughts with My Lord and Savior, my friend, my Daddy (bitterness, resentment, forgiveness, worry, fear…I’m a caster and since Christ overcame, I’m a darn good caster).. And then there are those precious friends who know me so deeply, they see right through the flesh and get to The Spirit of the matter. This is an exceptional gift. I believe this is the way God created marriage to be, and now this I crave, cry and flail (sometimes), to be known, to share wisdom and offer help to the one God created for me… To share the gifts that we have In Christ and use them together for The Glory of God, to have freedom to do whatever God calls us to do in any given hour or day, not for our own gain but for the Glory of God and love toward the saints.

“Every tree that doesn’t produce good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So you’ll recognize them by their fruit. Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. Lord but see what I did?? I will announce to them, ‘I never knew you, depart from me…'” Matthew 7:19-23

He sees all your good works and to Him it’s like filthy rags…. ‘the work’ we ought to be doing is to make ourselves known to Jesus Christ, the Author of Salvation. Do not miss this.

Make yourself known to your Creator, to your Daddy, to the saints that understand by The Wisdom of God that you are saved by Grace through faith, lest no one should boast. They will love you with The Truth in Love and not let you fall short of the grace of God. Surrender and God will lead you to the cross of Jesus Christ and The Spirit of Humility will bring change that you never thought possible.

By His Grace,


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