Letting Good Things Go – A Round Table Family Discussion

I love hearing the theology of my children come out. And I love watching God’s story unfold in every conversation.

Last night we had a discussion on God’s provision, His Providence came up… And I realized as Grant spoke about the Lord, his theology on God’s Providence is the same as mine. When he said it, I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad that it was the same as mine!! Lol

Gary was going on and on about the infusion cancer center and how they weren’t taking preventative measures with patients, no masks, no gloves, not taking temp, ect. Visitors were even able to be gathered there, and it all seemed foolish. And honestly, truth be told, it was. Cray cray people.

Then the subject came up about the sound-booth on Sundays helping pastor set up the live stream and how Grant takes such great joy in serving. Last Sunday 2 people ended up in the sound-booth, a tight space in the church… So in the coming weeks Grant realizes that only one person needs to be in the sound-booth. Grant would love for that person to be himself, but the other person who is living alone in his home during this pandemic, we were okay with him doing it to keep Grant from risk of getting corona virus and giving it to our household. Again not a matter of not trusting God Grant, but what is the right thing, right now? We think about the health of his dad (stage 4 cancer), and this is a decision that is good right now. Still hard. What we learn though is that Love (True Agape Love), laying down ones life for the sake of another, trumps theology and God’s Provision is in that indeed! He knows, He sees. For the sake of another’s fear even, we must consider how to strengthen their faith, seek peace and pursue it, and not let anyone fall short of the grace of God.

You could tell Grant was bummed and disappointed, I was bummed for him (I don’t know many 16 year old boys eager to serve in the church). He said “I believe that when I’m serving inside God’s Will, nothing can harm me, no evil can come near me, I know God protects me.” And I looked at him with joy and said, “you are right”. Psalm 91 is the promise for you because you Grant have set your heart on Him, He will deliver you; He will protect you because you know His name. V. 14

In fact, Gary this morning when you went to Infusion, remember (i love that word remember) you were debating whether or not to even take this last round of life sucking chemotherapy (before starting immunotherapy), but then as you decided to go, God put it on your heart to give disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaners to the staff there for the facility and for their homes and families. In fact, sweetie your heart was set on giving so much that you forgot all of your other things (your own mask, your wallet, your notebook)- which allowed me (God’s Providence) to hop in the car and bring it to you and I got to sing and worship the whole way- So I believe, that was the real reason for you going and God knew that, so even though precautions were not being taken to your liking and out of your control, God had you safe in His arms. This is the Love of God! Do what God has given you to do and do not fear or worry about the ways of the world. Focus and be determined to walk In His Righteousness for that is the path that He so delights that you are on, for He has given you Amazing Grace, In Jesus Name that you are able.

Following Jesus is an intentional one, as we Love Him with all our heart and Love others as we love our-self. But there is much freedom, we walk in Joy because only when we walk in Jesus do we have fullness of Joy! He Is El Roi, the God Who sees. He brings us back to His heart of contentment, when we remember “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13

Discernment always acts in Love – It is not simply knowing right from wrong; it is knowing what is Right from what is almost Right.

We love you Lord, Thank you for Your guidance and direction in such a time as this.

Rachel, Daughter of The King, Wife, Mother, Steward

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