A Dream Come True!

A beautiful gift from God, He shows us what is truly important, by the removing of all our busyness, allowing my heart to Rejoice in this time of Rest and Healing. I love how God uses disasters, confusion and chaos for us to see we are all in the same boat, completely and utterly dependent on God, The Creator of earth and everything in it; He Is Completely in Control.

There is God’s Providence to be found, in the lives of each of His son’s and daughters. “O that we were but acquainted with this heavenly spiritual exercise, how sweet it would make our lives, how light it would make our burdens! Labor to get as full and thorough a recognition as you are able of the Providences of God concerning you from first to last. O fill your hearts with the thoughts of Him and His ways. If a single act of Providence is so ravishing and transporting, what would many such be, if they were presented together to the view of the soul! If one star is so beautiful to behold, what is a constellation! Let your reflections therefore upon the acts and workings of Providence for you be full, extensively and intensively.” John Flavel

I have to be honest, I was having a hard time putting this reality into words! But after much prayer and consideration it’s time to put God’s Love on display!
God is Genius and Mastermind at doing multiple things at one time, He is The Great I AM… He knows best how to deal and love well His people and He is doing it with everyone at the same time all the time.
Over and over again God continues to lavish His grace… in this particular instance, he shuts down the world and causes a quarantine…. this has been my husband’s desire since the first day we met. He had his eye on me and wanted me all to himself. And now look what the Great Doctor ordered up for him. This makes my heart smile! Because now we are home 24/7 together, he has me and the kids all to himself, which makes his world go round. Gary will tell you, he is in his comfort zone. This is crazy, and as much as the calendar causes him anxiety, it is wiped clean, we aren’t leaving! Now you may be wondering good for him but how is that good for me? Are you kidding??!! Let me count the ways, I am grateful for this time of rest, retreat and family blessings, it has been a sweet precious time because no one can or desires to be anywhere else!! Home is where my heart can rest and my God Is Home for me wherever He sees fit to set me!! Our hearts are at rest In The Sovereignty of God so that we are able to enjoy Him and each other during this precious time and Well, after much prayer and asking him specifically a few things… He whispers, My Daughter Rachel because when this is all over sweetie, then you can just tell him, by God’s grace we are able to join in whatever He has for us, bringing people inside this home and going outside of this home and if God wants us to simmer down and stay reclusive, then now by God’s Grace I can always say, “remember He will cause a Corona Virus”. Let’s get up and do this fun life together in or out of our home, to God be the Glory In Jesus Name!! Love, Rachel

Knee deep into this little treasure.
Cast your anxieties onto Him because He cares for you! Schedule is wiped clean!

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